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Making a mural for MLK Day in preschool

mural for MLK Day Today our preschool classes made an “I have a dream” mural to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today. Before we made the mural, we read a story and had a discussion about who Dr. King was and why we celebrate his birthday.

We started by reading The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Johnny Ray Moore, which tells of Dr. King’s life in an easy to understand way for young children. This book comes in a board book version, so I photocopied and enlarged a few of the pages for the children to see.

Next, we talked about Dr. King’s dream for all people to be treated equally. Then we had each child dictate his or her “dream” that would make the world a better place and we wrote them on little white clouds.

We cut a large piece of white easel paper for our mural, and put out various skin tone tempera paints. Then we painted our hands and put our handprints all over the mural paper. We encouraged the teachers to get in on this as well! Once dry, we attached our dreams (along with Dr. King’s dream) to our mural. Just beautiful!

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