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Play Shape Tree Match-Up

Want to test your child’s shape recognition skills? Challenge her to a game of shape match-up—an entertaining way to boost her observational ability. With this matching game, the fun abounds as the learning and creativity flourish! She’ll craft the “game board” out of construction paper, inadvertently boosting her fine motor skills as she cuts the pieces! What You Need: Construction paper Scissors Paste or
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Bumblebee of Hearts

Here’s a fun project idea for a Valentine’s Day Card exchange … make some cute “Bumblebee of Hearts” cards! For younger preschoolers, we pre-cut heart shapes from black, yellow and wax paper (black heart should be smaller than yellow heart). If you have older preschoolers, you can have them use heart templates to trace and then cut out the hearts — or fold construction paper
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Stackable Christmas trees

I love, love, LOVE the story “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree”! It’s a great seasonal story about how one BIG Christmas tree became a gift for many people and animals. The rhymthic flow of the story is fun to read, and when I read it to my kids or in class, they love how the top of the tree gets a “snip”! Mr. Willowby’s Christmas
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