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E-books in early education

Digital books or e-books can be used by early childhood teachers as a tool for storytelling. Teachers can work with preschoolers to co-create digital books with photos of the children’s play or work and attach audio files with child/children as the story narrator.

Young children can be involved in the making of a digital story in a variety of ways, such as:

  • taking photographs with a digital camera
  • acting out scenes
  • drawing pictures
  • narrating the story with their own words


Book Creator

Book Creator is a simple digital book-making tool available for both iPad and the web. Teachers in early childhood can use this tool to make their own simple books with images, videos, and audio. The free version of the tool allows the creation of up to 40 books. The example above is a simple e-book of a class field trip to an apple orchard, using pictures taken from the trip using Book Creator.

Have you used other online apps/tools to create any digital books with your class?  We’d love to hear about them and feature them on our website!  Share in the comments below, or email us!


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