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Digital Storytelling in Early Childhood

My favorite part of teaching young children has always been STORYTIME!  I love the language of a really good children’s story, and how it can both delight and educate at the same time!  There are so many benefits to reading and engaging in storytelling activities with young children. 

Digital Storytelling

I am currently taking a graduate course where I am learning more about integrating technology into storytime through digital storytelling.  In exploring how this could be useful in an early childhood classroom; I crafted an instructional digital story to explain digital storytelling and how it can be used to support and enhance the curriculum.  Take a look below!!


Digital Storytelling Examples

Interested in what an end-product COULD look like for an early childhood class?  

The first example below is a digital story using photographs, music and student narration on how apples grow, after a class field trip to an apple orchard. 

This second example called “Train Parts: A Preschooler’s Digital Story” uses children’s illustrations and text with narration.  Notice the early writing skills demonstrated.

[Published by Ruth Ayers, 2011]

This example uses an online tool called Book Creator. 

You can explore more about using Book Creator in the Elementary Classroom.

I hope this information gives you a glimpse into the possibilities of how digital storytelling can be used in a preschool class.  Future blog posts will focus on some of the digital tools teachers can use for digital storytelling and other literacy activities!



I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know your feedback so I can improve and add relevant information to support early childhood teachers who would like to explore digital storytelling.

Below are some prompts to guide your feedback. Please let me know your thoughts in the “leave a reply” section below.

  1. Did you find this video story useful in understanding what a digital story is, and how it can be used in early childhood?
  2. Did this video help you understand the benefits of creating a digital story in an early childhood classroom? Are there any other benefits that were not mentioned that you would like to share?
  3. What was the favorite thing you learned?
  4. What are some opportunities for improvement in the content or production of this video story?
  5. Any ideas/input of what content you would like to see in the future?

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