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Helping preschoolers deal with hurricanes (and other natural disasters)

  Many of us on the east coast have been affected in some way by Hurricane Sandy. (I am actually writing this post in the dark using generator power!)   In a preschool classroom setting, depending on the extent of the impact of the storm, teachers and caregivers need to be sensitive to children’s concerns and fears about the storm and its aftermath. It’s a
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Emotional differences between preschoolers and school-aged children

In this video clip (filmed for ehow.com), I talk a little about the emotional differences between preschool and school-age children. For a lot of schools that have both preschool and school-aged students, it’s really important for teachers to understand that there’s going to be emotional differences. Understanding the emotional differences between these two age groups can help teachers to create better environments for them.
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Helping shy preschoolers in your classroom

Today we’ll share a video clip that we filmed for ehow.com, about ways teachers can help make a shy preschooler smile and feel comfortable. It’s no doubt that sometimes you’ll have preschoolers coming in your class who are very shy and a little bit timid. And so, what you want to do as an educator and as a teacher is to find ways to
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Getting kids to dream big

We asked Bill Corbett to explain his idea of having children create their own “Dream Book” as a way for them to discover their passions and encourage their dreams. Here’s what Bill has to say … With a show of hands, how many of you reading this blog post would like to have a child who lives a happy life as an adult? And
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R is for Relaxation

We are honored to participate in a fun “blog hop” called “The ABC’s of Teaching Preschool“, organized by the awesome Deborah of Teach Preschool! Today she reached an incredible milestone of 20,000 “likes” on her Facebook page! Deborah does so much to support early childhood professionals with her blog and her presence on social media – that we are thrilled to be able celebrate with her
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Preschoolers need a quiet space, too

In an earlier post, I shared some information from the Early Childhood Consultation Partnership© (ECCP) about the need and benefits of creating a quiet space for infants and toddlers in a child care setting. Now I’d like to share some additional information from ECCP on ways to incorporate a quiet space in a preschool classroom. Preschoolers may need quiet time for themselves at different points of
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