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Melting marshmallow snowmen in preschool

I saw these adorable snowman treats on The Amazing Mess blog – so I made a bunch for myself and bagged them up as small gifts. But then I thought – this was so easy and fun … the kids would LOVE this! And even though making these are fun (and tasty) – there were other ways to extend this activity so that the children learn
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Painting with snow and other fun snowy activities!

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with winter weather – you can bring the outdoor in for a little snow day fun! Painting with (and ON) snow is a fun way to let children explore concepts of color mixing and the scientific properties of snow. First, we scooped up a small bucket of clean snow and brought it inside (if you scoop
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Stackable Christmas trees

I love, love, LOVE the story “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree”! It’s a great seasonal story about how one BIG Christmas tree became a gift for many people and animals. The rhymthic flow of the story is fun to read, and when I read it to my kids or in class, they love how the top of the tree gets a “snip”! Mr. Willowby’s Christmas
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Snowman pancakes

First … here’s my disclaimer – I can take absolutely NO credit for this idea. Outside our window this morning is the first significant snow of the winter (unusual for here in Connecticut). So, my 6 year old bounces down the stairs with big plans of what she’ll do outside later today. And then, it hits her … “Hey, maybe Daddy can make me
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Make a hibernation book in preschool

During the winter months, you can teach young children about hibernation and where/how/which animals hibernate. This activity focuses on concepts of science (nature, animals) and literacy(knowledge of books and print, reading and writing, story comprehension). This also provides children with an experience to practice fine motor skills(drawing/writing). A great way to start of an activity like this is with a book! There are many great children’s books about
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Open-ended winter art in preschool

Today we brought in some seasonal items from nature along with some play dough … and just let the children have at it! We used winter nature items from our area, such as pinecones and pine branches. Since I still had some extra scented pinecones – we used those. Some of the pine branches also had a good pine scent – so this was definitely a
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