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Low cost ways to incorporate technology in preschool

Technology items can be added into the early childhood setting throughout all your learning centers to enhance play … from to dramatic play and blocks, to math and writing centers.

Consider adding:

  • Adding machines or calculators
  • Old typewriters or keypads
  • Old rotary push button or cell phones
    (be sure to remove cell phone batteries, otherwise cell phones can still dial 911, even if there is no service plan)
  • Voice recorder machines
  • Microphones or karaoke machines
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Watches or timers
  • CD/tape players, books on tape
  • Old cameras or video cameras
  • Old computer keyboard or mouse


Other ideas to low-cost ways to incorporate technology into learning centers and pretend play:

  • Repurpose old or outdated laptop/computer for children’s use – Children can use simple programs like MS Word or MS Paint – just let them type and practice using the mouse!  (see post on PreK+K sharing blog)
  • Build a pretend computer for play – Use a box and old keyboard to make a pretend computer for dramatic play.  (see post on Brick by Brick blog)
  • Make pretend iPhones for literacy play – Make “pretend” technology gadgets that children can use for pretend play, letter recognition and pre-writing skills.  Children can imitate technology use that they see every day.  (see post on Dragonflies in First blog)