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Prekindergarten programs state vs. private options

This post will be short because I am very much interested in how our blog-followers feel about this topic. It is a subject that came up at our monthly Directors gathering and sparked strong opinions and feelings. In our state of Connecticut, we are struggling with the ability to offer quality preschool programming toALL children. For years and multiple administrations, our state and local governments
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Taking time to network with other directors

Yesterday I attended a meeting that consisted of Early Childhood Program Directors in our area. Although it is sometimes hard to leave my center to attend these meetings I always feel a sort of jump-start when I return. I’m sure that many of you Directors out there feel as though you are being pulled in a thousand directions most days. If only you had
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The joy of expanding

During this past summer our board made the decision to expand and add a new infant room for 4 children. This came in reaction to a huge need in our area for more quality infant care. As a director, I was thrilled to be granted the opportunity to expand and was ready for the challenge of creating a new room from the ground up.
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Going “green” in preschool

I recently attending a local workshop in my state called Greening your Early Childhood Center. (Sponsored by the Connecticut Children’s Investment Partnership and the CCAC Accreditation Facilitation Project ). We learned about ways we can reduce energy and water use, create a healthy environment and save costs in our early childhood programs. There have been great advances in “green design” for new buildings and facilities
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Staying motivated at the end of the school year

As the weather improves and our minds begin to wonder to the beach it is important to try and stay motivated in your classroom. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated after working a long and hard 9-10 months…especially when it’s hot and humid. When the end is in sight, you may begin to putter out quickly. There is no doubt that you have
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