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Taking time to network with other directors

networkingYesterday I attended a meeting that consisted of Early Childhood Program Directors in our area. Although it is sometimes hard to leave my center to attend these meetings I always feel a sort of jump-start when I return. I’m sure that many of you Directors out there feel as though you are being pulled in a thousand directions most days. If only you had a few more hours each day…right? I know that there are weeks when so many things are happening at once, I feel as though I’m running a marathon.

The past few weeks have felt like this at my center….busy, busy, busy. My calendar on my desk is jammed packed, each day with a list of meetings, tours, observations, tasks…and this morning as I sat down, I realized I had this Directors meeting. It was a race to get there I tell you…in fact I arrived a few minutes late due to a photo copier catastrophe at my program, but I made it! And what nice feeling it was to sit with other Directors and talk.

There is a great feeling of rejuvenation in sitting with co-directors and having the opportunity to discuss issues that we are all facing. In two hours I found that I was able to converse and obtain guidance, hear and know that I am not alone, and leave with a feeling of empowerment to go back to my center and lead my staff to continue to work hard for our families.

So-to my fellow directors I encourage you to make time to attend meetings in your area with other Directors and if there are no groups currently meeting….then take this opportunity to start one of your own. You and your center will benefit!


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