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Book & Boogie is a children's program incorporating books with music and movement to bring literacy to life!
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We offer professional development training sessions for early childhood teachers and staff.

We help nurture the growth of your child

The SEEDS Network, LLC was created to support early childhood educators, administrators, care providers, advocates, supporters and parents of young children via state of the art resources that will be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The mission of the SEEDS Network, LLC is to provide parents and early childhood professionals with resources and services that support them in their quest to provide quality care and education to children ages six weeks through age 5.

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Opportunities to explore print and fonts in preschool

In an early learning environment, a print-rich environment is one that provides opportunities, tools and materials for children to see and use written language for a variety of purposes.  We start by teaching our young children the alphabet, helping them to learn to recognize each letter in preparation for reading and writing as they grow. In the digital world we live in, children will see
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Exploring environmental print in the preschool classroom

As preschool teachers prepare their classrooms for the school year, they will be looking for ways to provide a print rich environment for their students.  As defined by Amanda Rock on In a print-rich preschool environment, preschoolers are exposed to a host of different materials geared at reading and writing. Not only are the materials readily available for little ones to access as they wish,
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Attention Dads: Aug. 2nd is Daughters Day!

Hey Dads! What do YOU have planned for your daughter(s) this weekend? Many national calendars here in the U.S. have August 2nd as Daughter’s Day. It derives from old Chinese folklore in which Zhi Nu, the daughter of the Queen of Heaven, was allowed to return to earth on this day once a year to see her husband. Even if you don’t celebrate this
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