Play Shape Tree Match-Up

Want to test your child’s shape recognition skills? Challenge her to a game of shape match-up—an entertaining way to boost her observational ability. With this matching game, the fun abounds as the learning and creativity flourish! She’ll craft the “game board” out of construction paper, inadvertently boosting her fine motor skills as she cuts the pieces! What You Need: Construction paper Scissors Paste or
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Having fun with textured clothespins in preschool

I was inspired by the textured clothespin idea from Teach Preschool, so we used some other materials to make some textured clothespins of our own! Using these around the preschool classroom is a fun sensory experience and wonderful for fine motor skill development. You could use almost any type of collage materials that you can find (buttons, googly eyes, pom poms, beads, foam shapes) and
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After Christmas tree bird feeders

Here is an activity to go with the story “The After Christmas Tree” by Linda Wagner Tyler.   The story is about happens to the family Christmas tree after Christmas is over.  What do you do with it?  Family members and friends take their Christmas tree into the backyard and decorate it with edible trimmings for the wild birds and animals. This is something that
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Melting marshmallow snowmen in preschool

I saw these adorable snowman treats on The Amazing Mess blog – so I made a bunch for myself and bagged them up as small gifts. But then I thought – this was so easy and fun … the kids would LOVE this! And even though making these are fun (and tasty) – there were other ways to extend this activity so that the children learn
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Making scented pinecone Christmas trees

  We have been exploring “scents of the season” these past couple of weeks in preschool. As we get ready for Christmas, I saw these cute pinecone trees on The Wool Acorn blog, and I thought this would be wonderful for the children to make. But I wanted to incorporate a holiday scent for the children to explore … so we made sure our pinecones were
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Using social media to build your preschool classroom

Is your school or child care center on a tight budget?  Silly question, right?  The answer is always “YES”, and we know many times teachers and early childhood staff are using their own money to purchase needed supplies to build a dynamic and engaging classroom. Tressa had an even bigger challenge in her role at youth services … she had a space to hold
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The leaves are falling in preschool … a Book & Boogie activity

Today we are sharing one of our Fall season Book & Boogie selections (where we incorporate books and literacy with music and movement activities) – and extending the fun and learning by adding a fine motor craft activity to go along with it. The Book “Fletcher and the Falling Leaves”  by Julia Rawlinson I really enjoy this sweet story about Fletcher the fox and
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It’s apple picking season (and apple life cycle video)!

August through October is apple picking season here in Connecticut! Our family visited one of our local pick-your-own farms for some Macintosh and Gala apples which are in season right now. We’ll definitely be back later this fall for the Cortlands, Golden Delicious and others. Many local preschools schedule a field trip to an orchard, which helps the children learn about where apples come from
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Sailing the seas at summer camp

We have some awesome college students who are lead the planning of our summer camp one year! Their enthusiasm and creativity are evident in all they do … and we just had to share it here! These are ideas from our “Sailing the seas” theme, which lent itself to great projects and experiences like building tin foil boats, making sandcastles and seashell picture frames. The week
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Pets in the preschool classroom

Caring for a small pet, such as a fish or reptile, can provide young children with the opportunity to learn more about animals firsthand. As preschool teachers, we know that young children are engaged and learn best by DOING. We can certainly teach about animals through books and pictures … but how much MORE will they learn when they can actually interact with one.
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