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Talking Points: communicating with kids (part 2)

We are continuing our series of posts from veteran educator and interview coach Charlie Margolis. Charlie is providing tips for teachers and parents that may help when communicating with children. Yesterday we posted PART 1 … now onto PART 2 below! Be the Adult A close friend was feeling conflicted when it came to dealing with her elderly and declining parents. She asked me what she should
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The parent-teacher conference (part 1)

Below is a post from Charlie Margolis, who will share his expertise on the topic of parent-teacher conferences. Read below for PART 1 on having a successful parent-teacher conference. A member of Toastmasters once asked me, “What is the single most important thing that an effective speaker has to do?” Whether you are talking to several hundred people or holding a parent/teacher conference, it’s about how
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The parent-teacher conference (part 2)

Here is PART 2 on having a successful parent-teacher conference from professional educator and interview coach, Charlie Margolis. (You can read PART 1 here, if you haven’t already). Below are more tips for teachers … Be a Diplomat I recall a mother who called me to see if her son had turned-in his term project. “I would do it for him, if I could, if I
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