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NAEYC: Final reflections

Attending the annual NAEYC conference for the very first time was a wonderful experience and as Laura and I returned home, I’ve had some time to reflect on our trip. I learned a great deal of information that I can apply to my job as a Director of a program, as well as information I can apply to our SEEDS Network. More importantly though,
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NAEYC: Singing a-long with Bob McGrath

We are still processing all the great experiences we had at the NAEYC annual conference in Atlanta last week. A frequent presenter at the conference was a childhood favorite of ours … Mr. Bob McGrath from Sesame Street! How fun it was to sing songs that I remember from the show (all the words come back to you!). As an early childhood professional, it’s interesting to
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NAEYC: Meeting the creators of “Pete the Cat”

One of the main highlights of our trip to the NAEYC annual conference in Atlanta was attending workshops with, and seeing performances by, some authors and illustrators of children’s books that we love! “Pete the Cat” was a BIG draw this year, and the conference was lucky to have BOTH the author (Eric Litwin) and the creator and illustrator (James Dean) in attendance. What
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NAEYC: Tech on Deck

After a morning of traveling from Connecticut to Georgia, Laura and I were happy to arrive to our hotel room. After we settled in and had a nice lunch, we quickly checked out the room that we will present our seminar in tomorrow morning. We are so excited to be part of this amazing conference. Tonight, Laura and I attended our first Annual NAEYC
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NAEYC: Initial thoughts

Well … we have arrived! We made it out of Connecticut JUST ahead of the coming nor’easter … flights were smooth, we were lucky. Now, we were expecting Atlanta to be a tad warmer … today was definitely chilly. Forecast looks promising for the rest of the week, so I’ll still get to wear my flip flops, hopefully! We are very excited to be
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NAEYC: Atlanta bound!

In five days Tressa and I are heading to Atlanta for the 2012 NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo! It’s our first time, so we plan to soak it all in and blog about everything we see and hear! I’m hoping to take A LOT of pictures, and to share our experiences and things that we learn. We are also fortunate enough to presenting “Through new
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