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The parent-teacher conference (part 1)

Below is a post from Charlie Margolis, who will share his expertise on the topic of parent-teacher conferences. Read below for PART 1 on having a successful parent-teacher conference. A member of Toastmasters once asked me, “What is the single most important thing that an effective speaker has to do?” Whether you are talking to several hundred people or holding a parent/teacher conference, it’s about how
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The parent-teacher conference (part 2)

Here is PART 2 on having a successful parent-teacher conference from professional educator and interview coach, Charlie Margolis. (You can read PART 1 here, if you haven’t already). Below are more tips for teachers … Be a Diplomat I recall a mother who called me to see if her son had turned-in his term project. “I would do it for him, if I could, if I
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