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Love Books Summer Exchange: Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!

I am again excited to be part of in this year’s Love Books Summer Exchange hosted by The Educators Spin On It! We were paired up with another blogger to exchange a book and activities with each other to promote Summer reading. My youngest and I participated last year and enjoyed both putting together a book package and receiving one … so we definitely
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Glad Monster, Sad Monster feeling puppets

The Story A fun way to explore feelings with preschoolers is through stories and interactive play.  One of my favorite books for this topic is “Glad Monster, Sad Monster” by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda. The book illustrations are vibrant and fun, and it’s a good learning opportunity to have the children guess the feeling of each monster as you read (based on the expression
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Summer book study | Chapter 2 reflections

I am thoroughly enjoying the summer book study of  “The Read-Aloud Handbook: Seventh Edition” by Jim Trelease.  It hits me as both a parent and a teacher.  I can relate to some of the questions that parents ask of Mr. Trelease about reading aloud to children … AND it reaffirms that all the reading aloud that I have done in the classroom and with Book
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The Summer Book Study Guide | The Read-Aloud Handbook

The summer book study of “The Read-Aloud Handbook: Seventh Edition” by Jim Trelease, is underway!  To learn about how the book study works, view our earlier post. Use the guide below to find the Chapter Reviews and special author Q&A posts. The Book Study Chapter Review Guide Chapter 1: Why Read Aloud? – Brick by Brick Chapter 2: When to Begin (and End) Read-Aloud –
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Join the summer book study of The Read-Aloud Handbook

We are again looking forward to participating in a summer book study, hosted by Vanessa at Pre-K Pages! Our book for this summer’s study is “The Read-Aloud Handbook: Seventh Edition” by Jim Trelease, which will provide teachers, parents and caregivers with insights on the value of reading aloud, tips on ways to read aloud, and (YAY!) a list of great read aloud books! The
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Celebrating the man who wrote “The Hungry Caterpillar”

I am a big fan of planning crafts, games and activities that tie in with children’s books. I think it’s a great way to extend learning for young children, and there are so many great children’s books out there that just lend themselves to some wonderful projects! Saturday 25 June is Eric Carle’s birthday – and Kate at “The Amazing Child” is having an
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