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More pumpkin activities in preschool

  As we continue to enjoy the Fall season, we have explored pumpkins in our classrooms in many ways! We’ve opened them up, scooped them out, counted the seeds and made delicious pumpkin treats! I talked about some ideas in the “Learning about apples and pumpkins” post … but here are a few other ideas for ways to play and learn with pumpkins in
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Playing with nature on a sticky table

I was very inspired to try making a “sticky table” after seeing the Pumpkin vines on the sticky table activity created by Deborah Stewart on the Teach Preschool site. I thought this would work very well with various items in nature that we have outside during this time of year. To set this up, I cut a large sheet of clear contact paper and used clear packing tape
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Milky science color explosion

This is a great scientific experiment to do with young children to talk about how different liquids react, and to learn about color names and color blending. First, we poured milk into a shallow bowl.  Using three different food colors – we placed a drop or two of each on opposite ends of the bowl.   Be sure to add the drops carefully, so they don’t splash.
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Mystery play dough in preschool

We’ve enjoyed making and experimenting homemade made play dough all year long … and by far the most favorite was the “mystery play dough” we made last week! In the “great minds think alike” category … Deborah Stewart at Teach Preschool did the same activity recently (stop by and see what her class did with their play dough). I made up a batch of homemade play dough beforehand,
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Watching seeds sprout in preschool

A few months back, Tressa and I each filmed a video series for ehow.com on various preschool-related topics. The topics we were asked to do were based on what people were searching for on their site. We’ll be sharing some of the video clips from time to time here on our blog. The first one we wanted to share is appropriate for this time
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