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Mitten Art

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cardstock (cut out into mitten shapes), paint and/or markers and crayons, hole puncher, yarn, book (such as "The Mitten" by Jan Brett or "The Mitten Tree")



  • Physical development:  Fine motor development by painting
  • Creative Expression: Drawing/painting their own design

Read a story about mittens and then talk about how mittens match each other (show some pairs of mittens).

Beforehand, cut out mitten shapes out of cardstock and punch holes on the bottom.

Next, give children two mitten shapes and have them creatively create a matching pair of mittens.  For younger preschoolers - you can have them paint a design on 1 of the mitten shapes and when done, press the second mitten shape on top of it so the designs are identical.

For older preschoolers/kindergarteners, you can give them markers or crayons and have them draw duplicate designs on both mitten shapes.

Finish the project by tieing yarn to attach the mittens together.  Makes a cute winter display!

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