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Pop Culture Art - Flags

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white paper, watercolor paints, paintbrushes, picture of an American flag


This project is adapted from an idea in the book "Make it POP! Activities and Adventures in Pop Art", which features the artistic styles of famous pop culture artists.  This project is inspired by the artwork of Jasper Johns, and how he would take recognizable images (like flags and maps) and change the colors in fun and unique ways.

To start, show children some of John's artwork (you can google it online - or show photos from the book).  Then show children a picture of a recognizable flag, such as the American flag.  Explain how John's changed some of the colors in his painting of the flag, but that it was still recognizable as the American flag.

Give children a white piece of paper that has a square marked off in black permanent ink in the upper left hand corner (if you are going to simulate the American flag).  Allow children to be creative and let them choose whatever colors they wish for the background of the square and for the stripes.  Have them watercolor paint their flag.  For stars, you can use star paint stamps - but if you do not have those, have the children make "dots" with their paint brushes to make the stars.  No two flags will look alike - yet they can still all be recognizable as their country's flag! 

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