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Spring Bird Nest

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White Crayola Model Magic Modeling Clay- 2-lbs. (or you can use homemade playdough instead), sticks and twigs, plastic eggs (like the ones for used at Easter), shredded colored paper


This project is perfect for toddlers and young preschoolers to do during Spring.  Read stories and talk about birds and how they live in nests made out of sticks, leaves and things found in nature.  Then, assist them in making a bird's nest of their own, using modeling clay or playdough and sticks.

Show children a picture of birds nest, and how there is a dip in the middle for birds to lay their eggs.  Help young children take a ball of clay and mold it in the shape of nest (with a dip in the middle).  Allow children to poke sticks and shredded paper into the clay/dough to resemble a nest.  Then allow them to add a colorful plastic egg in the middle!

-- Idea shared by Laura Edgecomb

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