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Paper Plate Sunflower

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Paper plates, yellow construction paper, glue sticks and white glue, "seed-like" item for inside the sunflower (ie. oatmeal, dried corn cob, sunflower seeds), books about sunflowers


During the Springtime, there are many great preschool projects that you can do about flowers.  Here is one for SUNFLOWERS!

Introduce the topic by reading a book about sunflowers (see the link for some book choices).  You can talk about how tall sunflowers grow, and even measure the height of the children and compare to the height of an average sunflower!

Next, prepare paper plates for the craft by cutting off the outer edge of each plate (trimming about 2 inches).  For younger preschoolers, you can pre-cut yellow petal shapes (older preschoolers can cut these themselves, if you wish).  Have children use a glue stick to glue around the outer edge of their paper plate circle - and then stick on their yellow petals.

Next, have children put white glue on the inside of the circle and have them spread it around.  Give them  "seed-like" items to sprinkle on the inside the sunflower (ie. oatmeal, dried corn cob, sunflower seeds).  (ANOTHER OPTION:  Have them use brown paint to paint the middle of the sunflower and then spread the "seeds" on top of the paint.

This makes a wonderful Springtime display!

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