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Bumblebee of Hearts

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construction paper (black and yellow), wax or tracing paper, black marker, googly eyes, glue stick, scissors


This is a cute craft project for the Spring (bug/insect theme) or around Valentine's Day (hearts/shapes).

For younger preschoolers, pre-cut heart shapes from black, yellow and wax paper (black heart should be smaller than yellow heart).  Older preschoolers can use heart templates to draw and then cut out hearts -- or fold construction paper in half and draw a half heart shape along the fold.

Have children draw black lines on the yellow heart (like a bumblebee has).  Using a glue stick, they can glue the yellow heart onto a piece of construction paper.  Then have them glue the black heart at the top of the yellow one (for the bee's head).  Glue on googly eyes.

Lastly, take the wax paper heart and have them cut it in half and glue them on as the wings!  This was a fun project to show children how you can use shapes to make other things. And it also makes for a cute Valentine's card ... and you can use some cute titles like "Will you BEE my Valentine?" or "Let's BEE friends!"

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