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This is how I floss my teeth

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empty egg cartons, yarn or ribbon


Here's a way for young children to learn about flossing their teeth during a theme on Dentists / Community Helpers / Healthy habits.

It incorporates skills, such as:

* learning about your body (teeth and gums)
* fine motor skills (manipulating the "floss")

First, explain to children about their teeth and how to take care of them with a story (click here for books about the dentist). Explain how it's important for them to brush and floss their teeth daily in order to keep their teeth healthy.

Next, take a clean, empty egg carton and some yarn.  The egg carton simulates the child's mouth and teet, and the yarn is the floss.   Demonstrate to the children how the floss must go up and down in between each tooth.   Then allow the children to practice for themselves.  (Click on photos to the right to view them larger).

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