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Tips for incorporating the CT Early Learning and Development Standards

A couple of Fridays ago, I was invited to attend a training for Educational Consultants on the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS).  As our state continues to encourage programs to use these standards, it is my job as a consultant to support programs when and where needed.  During our 6 hour training, great conversations around early education, teacher responsibility, and child
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Zumba follow up

I am excited to report that Andrew WON the title of Mr. Rockville High School at this year’s annual fundraiser! Andrew got up in front of an audience filled with parents, teachers and peers and performed Zumba fitness for his talent. With on stage backup from his friends and audience support from his fellow Zumba classmates, Andrew led the number with confidence and style.
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Bringing Zumba ® to teens and staff

In March of 2014 I was asked to teach Zumba ® to teenagers at an area high school.  They were having an all-night volleyball “lock-in” fundraiser and needed some “entertainment” for students waiting for their team to play.  I agreed, but was feeling nervous.  I worked on my playlist for days, wanting to ensure I chose music that these teens were going to like. 
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Tapping into a child’s passion to further their learning

There is no doubt that a child learns best when learning takes place in an area of interest.  As educators, we must keep this in mind when lesson planning.  This task can be daunting, especially when given a large group of students with various interests.   However, when given the opportunity to learn and grow through a deep routed interest, wonderful things can happen.  This
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Focusing on love and kindness during the holidays

Holiday time is a very exciting time for students attending school!   Whether they are infants and toddler, preschools, or school-age children, the holiday time is filled with anticipations and tradition.  Through my years of teaching, I have had to be conscious and sensitive to cultures and beliefs and ensure that my teachings did not cause anyone to feel uncomfortable. When I taught in a
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Dancing and learning in preschool

For years I have been honored to teach youth dance lessons at a local dance studio, our local Y and local recreation department. I teach a ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and tumbling to children ages 3 to 12.  I find that no matter what kind of a day I may be having, coming into the dance studio and seeing all those happy smiles
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Letting go on the first day

As Early Childhood professionals, we become that first teacher in many children’s lives. For many children, child care or preschool is their first educational experience away from Mom and Dad. The same goes for the child’s parents. We teachers and administrators need to treat this first experience with great tenderness; we have a huge responsibility for setting the tone for many years of education
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