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Parenting as a team

When a parent comes to me for help with their kids and tells me about their challenges, my first step is to ask questions about this family’s situation. The information they share with me usually sheds some light on circumstances that may be contributing toward, or causing at least some of the challenges this parent is currently experiencing. Some of those circumstances include the
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Attention Dads: Aug. 2nd is Daughters Day!

Hey Dads! What do YOU have planned for your daughter(s) this weekend? Many national calendars here in the U.S. have August 2nd as Daughter’s Day. It derives from old Chinese folklore in which Zhi Nu, the daughter of the Queen of Heaven, was allowed to return to earth on this day once a year to see her husband. Even if you don’t celebrate this
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What to do about kids cussing

Why do kids and teens cuss and what can we do about it effectively?  Here are a couple of reasons and some suggestions on what you can do about it.  These suggestions may not be appropriate for all children, all families or all situations. They are simply suggestions that you might be able to use, depending on your situation with your kids. The image
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How to teach kids to care

I hear parents complain that their kids don’t appreciate what they have. So much is available to our kids today that it’s hard for them to imagine being without. Then when they push their parents for more, it triggers a feeling of resentment for the parents as they think about all they’ve done and provided for their kids so far. My own kids occasionally
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Three things to do when your kid gets benched

I remember the day my son lost first chair on the school marching band.  He came home and declared that he hated the trumpet and he never wanted to play it again.  When I asked him what happened, he did not want to talk about it.  My initial parental impulse was to go down to the school, find out what happened, and defend my
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Why Does My Child Behave Better at School Than at Home?

Based on helping thousands of parents over the years and spending time evaluating children while they interacted with both parents AND teachers, I’ve found that it is common for children to behave the worst while in the care of Mom!  As strange as this may seem, it is true.  The reason is that in general terms, the mother seems to create a safe environment
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The best gift you could ever give your child of any age

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m shopping at a department store.  A woman in the isle just ahead of me is pushing her shopping cart and begging her daughter to cooperate with her.  The little girl appears to be about four or five years of age and is dragging her feet and whining that she’s too tired to walk.  Her mom looks very tired and
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