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Juggling work, family and fun

According to answers.com, large numbers of women in the United States began to work outside the home as early as the 1840’s. Today in 2011 it’s extremely common for women to balance work and a home. The reasons for a woman to work outside of the home vary: financial necessity, passion for their career, the want to challenge their minds…whatever the reason, let’s face
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A Pet Peeve of mine and one that should be yours too!

I’m not sure why, but the old fashioned term “Day Care” drives me crazy. I think because the title doesn’t even refer to the child is one reason. In more recent years our industry has made attempts to use terms such as Child Care and Early Childhood Education. But still I cringe when I receive a phone call from a distributor looking to sell
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Saying goodbye to students and families

  As a Director of a child care program, it is bittersweet when the end of the school year rolls around. My heart is always happy for our students who have completed a year of school and I am proud of those students who are ready to move on to the next step in their educational careers… but at the same time I am
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End of school year scrapbooks

Last week I put together a post about favorite preschool teacher gifts and mentioned having the children putting together a scrapbook. I really liked the idea of each child making a page to put into a class album for the teacher. Turns out, my niece’s 1st grade class was doing exactly that – and I had to share the adorable pages! Their teacher is going to
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Father’s Day gifts preschoolers can make

It’s not too late to come up with a Father’s Day gift that your child can make (and the special man in their life will love!) Here are some great ideas that we have made at preschool, and some that we have found around the web (click on the links to see photos and detailed description of each idea). 1. BBQ sauce – If it’s grilling
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Favorite preschool teacher gifts

As the school year draws to a close, many children and families try to find ways to show their teacher how much they appreciate them. As a preschool teacher, I am always humbled when given gifts by the children at our center. As a parent, I so appreciate my children’s teachers, and try to seek fun, thoughtful and creative ways to express my (and
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Staying motivated at the end of the school year

As the weather improves and our minds begin to wonder to the beach it is important to try and stay motivated in your classroom. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated after working a long and hard 9-10 months…especially when it’s hot and humid. When the end is in sight, you may begin to putter out quickly. There is no doubt that you have
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