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Staying motivated at the end of the school year

abcImage_1As the weather improves and our minds begin to wonder to the beach it is important to try and stay motivated in your classroom. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated after working a long and hard 9-10 months…especially when it’s hot and humid.

When the end is in sight, you may begin to putter out quickly. There is no doubt that you have worked hard all year, but your children deserve 100% of your time and energy right up until that very last day. Look at this time as an opportunity to plan some fun activities to keep you and your class excited…here are some suggestions:

1. Beach Party Day
2. Field Day
3. Classroom pizza party
4. Hawaiian Luau
5. Bring a parent to school day
6. Teddy bear Picnic
7. Water Fun Day

The key is to plan activities that will keep you and your class motivated, cool, learning and having fun all at the same time.

Taking time for you throughout the day will also give you more energy during the last few weeks. You may find that taking a walk during your break will give you that little boost you’ll need to get you through the day. Take time to enjoy the sunshine, breathing in that fresh spring air feels so good!

Directors…support your teachers at the end of the school year by celebrating their hard work. Plan a year end celebration for staff and volunteers, and/or organize a special end of year event for your entire school. These types of functions give your staff something to look forward to while showing them how much you appreciate their commitment and dedication. Even little staff surprises, like make your own sundaes, helps makes these last couple of weeks fun and exciting.


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