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More pumpkin activities in preschool

  As we continue to enjoy the Fall season, we have explored pumpkins in our classrooms in many ways! We’ve opened them up, scooped them out, counted the seeds and made delicious pumpkin treats! I talked about some ideas in the “Learning about apples and pumpkins” post … but here are a few other ideas for ways to play and learn with pumpkins in
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Pumpkin faces from recycled bottles

During the Fall in New England, there is much to-do about PUMPKINS!  This adorable pumpkin-inspired craft is also a great fine-motor muscle workout for preschoolers who like to cut, rip and stuff things into small spaces!  And to top it off, it’s a great way to use recycled materials! Pumpkin faces Collect a bunch of clean, plastic water or soda bottles (one per child), and
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Learning about apples and pumpkins in preschool

Fall in New England is a wonderful time to teach preschoolers many things about the season. The change in the weather (and the leaves), along with the harvest of apples and pumpkins are fun to learn about. If you are fortunate enough to have local farms in your area, a field trip is a great way for young children to experience some of the
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