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Pumpkin faces from recycled bottles

During the Fall in New England, there is much to-do about PUMPKINS!  This adorable pumpkin-inspired craft is also a great fine-motor muscle workout for preschoolers who like to cut, rip and stuff things into small spaces!  And to top it off, it’s a great way to use recycled materials!


Pumpkin faces

Collect a bunch of clean, plastic water or soda bottles (one per child), and gather a variety of orange colored paper (construction paper, tissue paper .. or even felt or fabric).


Allow children to problem-solve HOW they can make the paper/fabric fit into plastic bottle opening.  They can cut, tear, crinkle and stuff the orange paper/fabric into the bottle to fill it up. This is a good opportunity for children to practice cutting skills.


After the bottle is filled, invite children to make the shapes for a pumpkin face out of black paper.  You can pre-cut some shapes for younger preschoolers – or allow older preschoolers to draw these shapes themselves with a white pencil and then cut them out.  Use scotch tape or glue to stick them onto the bottle.

DSC08851Top it off with a green pipe cleaner stem!


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