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A story about my heart

A story about my heartAbout 18 months ago I had heart surgery. Never in a million years did I think that at age 32 I would need to have surgery on my heart. For 20 years I was told I had a seizure disorder when in reality I was suffering from mini-stokes (TIA’s) that were being caused by two holes in my heart. I was born with the two holes; one known as a PFO and one called an ASD, but for 30 years went undetected. It was also discovered that I had a genetic blood clotting factor that causes my blood to clot too much. There was no doubt that I was gearing up for a major stroke…..my body was “the perfect storm.”

On July 27, 2010 that all changed. I took the biggest risk of my life and went through surgery to insert a closure devise that would “patch” both of those holes. The procedure itself was easy, the recovery for me was a little more of a challenge, but with lots of prayer and help, I got through it.

As a working woman, wife, mother of two, sister, and aunt, I never really thought of my heart health. I tried my best to take care of myself, but let’s face it; there are times when everyone else in the world comes first. Prior to my surgery I tried my best to eat healthy and get in exercise when I could, but with two small children, it was sometimes hard. It wasn’t until 2009 I began to take my health a little more seriously. I began to exercise more, eat better and then WHAM…..my doctor discovered my heart issue.

Since that moment my health has become a priority. I know that I could not successfully be a wife, mother, sister and boss if it weren’t for my health. We need to all make our health a priority EVERYDAY and not feel guilty about it.

During the weeks leading up to my surgery I became extremely nervous, so many thoughts would stream through my head. What if something awful happened during the procedure….what would my family do? Yet on the flip side, what if I didn’t go through the surgery and I suffered a catastrophic stroke, what would my family do? In reality we need to ask ourselves these questions all the time. If I don’t take care of my body and lead a healthy lifestyle…what could happen, how would this affect my family, my work, my life? You never know when a heart of other health issue is going to be discovered, no one has control over that. However, we all have control over the health decisions we make everyday and for those of us who take those decision seriously will be able to provide abundantly for those around us.heartfundraiser

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