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After Christmas tree bird feeders

Here is an activity to go with the story “The After Christmas Tree” by Linda Wagner Tyler.   The story is about happens to the family Christmas tree after Christmas is over.  What do you do with it?  Family members and friends take their Christmas tree into the backyard and decorate it with edible trimmings for the wild birds and animals.

This is something that families can do together or teachers can do with their classes.  There are many ways to make birdfeeders (with pinecones or out of milk cartons).  This birdfeeder is made out of biscuits.

Biscuit Bird Feeders

First, make biscuits according to package instructions (or buy them pre-made).  Then, post a straw through the middle (this is where you will feed the yarn or string through for hanging).

Next, have children spread peanut butter or shortening onto the biscuit and then have them roll it around in the birdseed.

Put your Christmas tree outside and hang them on it for the birds and animals.  You can also hang them on any trees that you have outside!


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