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Being MAKERS in preschool!

Today, October 24, 2017 is #GlobalMakerDay!

Did you know that? Global Maker Day is a day of learning, sharing and MAKING!  You can take a peek inside other classrooms and view presentations to inspire your students to create. Their theme is to “Create locally and share globally“!  During the online Youtube presentations, elementary and middle school classrooms around the world participate by sharing what their students create on Twitter using #GlobalMakerDay.  What a great concept for students to learn from each other.

For early childhood educators, hopefully almost EVERY day is MAKER day!  Young children are natural MAKERS … they have a natural curiosity to explore, build and experiment with the world around them. As teachers, we can intentionally set up opportunities for preschoolers to be MAKERS by providing them the materials, space and time to be collaborative, inclusive and creative; while also providing an opportunity for problem-solving.


I found some great Youtube resources to help preschool teachers think about ways you can incorporate more MAKER opportunities in your early childhood classroom …

Check out globalmaker on Twitter!



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