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Children’s book and music for MLK Day

MLKposterThe winners have been announced in our “I have a dream” CD giveaway … thanks for all who entered and shared their dreams for children! Now we want to share some additional resources that you can use in your homes and classrooms on Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

First up … music you can download (for FREE!). Daria is offering her “I Have A Dream” song as a free download this month. Based on Martin Luther King’s famous speech, the “I Have A Dream” song has become popular in schools, classrooms and community organizations to celebrate this day across the USA. Click here to link to the free download. You can find the song lyrics to the song on Daria’s monthly song page, along with a few other free resources.

Next up … learn about children’s book “Let Freedom Sing” by Vanessa Newton. “Let Freedom Sing” is a book for preschoolers that talks about the Civil Rights movement in the US. This story interweaves the book pages with the words from the song “This Little Light of Mine” and shows people singing. This book is reviewed in more detail by Carolyn Wilhelm on her Wise Owl Factory website. Included in her post is a FREE printable about the “march on DC” – which is suitable for preschool and includes signs that say roadblocks and open doors.

I hope you find these resources useful in your classrooms or at home with your children! Feel free to share any additional resources by leaving us a comment!


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