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Expert on public speaking and presenting

charlieWe are pleased to introduce a new guest blogger, Charlie Margolis, to our site, who can share his expertise on public speaking and preparing for interviews and presentations.

Charlie Margolis is a veteran art educator, who taught in Newington’s middle and high schools for 35 years. During his career, he received multiple awards for teaching, community service and leadership; among them were the Celebration of Excellence, Newington Chamber of Commerce Public Service Award and the William P. Ward Award for Educational Development. He founded and directed the “Neighbors-Helping-Neighbors” Program, coordinated the Anti-Defamation League’s “World of Difference” cultural diversity program at Newington High and Chaired the Newington Youth Adult Council. Mr. Margolis served as Chair for the Review Committee for the Approval of State Teacher Preparation Programs. He is on the Board of the Directors of the Rob Branham Foundation, which provides assistance to victims of leukemia and other blood related diseases.

Presently, Charlie is Chair of the South Windsor Human Relations Commission. He was Poet Laureate of South Windsor and the author of the poetry book, “Class Dismissed: A Teacher Says Goodbye“, published by the Connecticut Education Association. Under Mr. Margolis’ leadership, South Windsor became the first community to publish a book of poetry, called “Voices“, entirely written by residents and former residents of the town.

Charlie is Executive Director of Interview Image Associates, LLC. The firm specializes in preparing political candidates, pageant contestants, job aspirants and college applicants for interviews, speeches and presentations. Charlie is a well known pageant interview coach, who has helped contestants win many titles and interview awards. He is the author of “Did I Really Say That?” The Complete Pageant Interview Guide.speaking and presenting

As directors, teachers and early childhood professionals, we find ourselves in public speaking situations all the time, whether we realize it or not. Charlie is pleased to be a member of the SEEDS team, and will be happy to answer your questions about public speaking, interviewing


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