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Exploring countries in preschool China

After our visit to ITALY … next up on our list of countries to explore … CHINA!

Exploring countriesAnother of our artistic teachers, Ms. Julia, made a cool dragon (featured in the picture to the left) that hung from the ceiling of the hallway. Other decorations included paper Chinese lanterns and fans that also hung from the ceiling.

Some of our Chinese culture activities

The children learned the “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” song in Chinese (we had someone come in and teach us!)

The children tasted spring rolls and egg noodles with soy sauce (yum, yum!) And they tried their hand at eating them with chopsticks.

We made Chinese paper fans with a symmetrical design pattern.

We wrote messages to our families and put them in fortune cookies we made using cupcake liners.

If you are looking for additional inspiration on children’s projects that have to do with the Chinese culture, check out our Pinterest “Chinese New Year” board.

Tell us your favorite preschool activity that you do to celebrate Chinese New Year or when learning about China.


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