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Exploring countries in preschool Italy!

Exploring countriesFor the past 3 weeks, we have been exploring other countries in preschool! Each classroom is focusing on a particular country – learning about its culture, architecture, climate, games, food, music and dance (among other things).

Then, the classes invite each other in and do a special activity (related to the country they are learning about) with the other class. It’s a wonderful way for the children to teach each other what they are learning about … and this way, each class gets to learn a little bit about each of the countries we chose!

First up … “Ciao Italy”!

We have a super creative-artistic staff member, and she (Ms. Martina) came up with a clever way to give the feel of the Italian culture before even entering the classroom. She made the white columns (featured in the picture above) from large cardboard cylinders which were placed in regular cardboard boxes (weighted down with blocks). The circular base and top of the column is made from paper plates and thin cardboard. Everything got duct taped together and painted white!

Here are just a few of the activities we did to celebrate Italy!

The children learned some Italian phrases (“Ciao”/Hello, “Buongiorno”/Good morning, “Grazie”/Thank you). You can find more phrases in Italian here.

We made the Italian flag out of crumpled tissue paper. (Good fine motor activity, as well as identifying colors).pizza

The children danced the “tarantella” to some traditional Italian music. This was great to get the children to work together in a circle to do various aspects of this dance.

We played the Italian game of “bocce” (which was actually a favorite game of mine growing up with my family). With the kids, we didn’t focus on the points, just practicing throwing/rolling the ball underhand and trying to get it as close to the “pallina” (little ball) as possible.

We made cardboard and large paper PIZZAS (they almost look good enough to eat, don’t they?)!

We sorted and patterned with various types of pasta. Afterwards, we made some of our own creations with pasta and homemade play dough.DSC00297.JPG.th

Oh yes … the highlight was squishing grapes with their FEET to make grape juice!! (Keep a basin on warm water and a towel for quick feet washing afterwards).

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