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Father’s Day book and gift idea blog hop

father day blogJust in time for Father’s Day, the “Preschool Blogger Network” has gotten together to share a host of ideas that you can do with your children (or class) to celebrate the special men in their lives. We have each paired a book with activities or gift ideas to go along with Father’s Day.

The story I chose is “Me with You” by Kristy Dempsey, along with a few gift ideas that go along with the story. Don’t forget to visit all the other ideas linked at the bottom of the post!

The Book

Quote from the book: “We’re a pair beyond compare, a rare and special two, in all the ways that I am me and you’re completely you.

This wonderful children’s story is written about the relationship between a granddaughter and her grandfather (but as you read it, it can apply to any special relationship between a child and adult male figure … father, grandfather, uncle, etc.). The underlying premise is that relationships are special. It celebrates the uniqueness of the child AND their father/grandfather — but also celebrates being TOGETHER, and how that enhances each of their lives.

Below is a short video clip, which previews the story:

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1) Photo collage – Have children collect photos of themselves with their father, grandfather or special man in their life — particularly photos of them doing things together, as illustrated in the book. They can mount it onto 8 x 10 cardstock and put it into a photo frame with the title “Me with You“.

2) Make a pie – Children can make a sweet treat for their father/grandfather! With assistance from an adult, children can make some individual mini pies – just like the cub and her grandpa had at their tea party in the story!

3) Photo bookmark – Using a picture of the child and father/grandfather together, make a bookmark and have the child personalize the back. We made action photo bookmarks for Mother’s Day using photos of individual children. The difference here is to capture a photo of the child AND father/grandfather doing something together … making it a “Me with You” photo bookmark, like the one below.

First, print a photo of father/grandfather and child and silhouette cut out the image. I printed the one here in a 5×7 size … the bigger size makes it easier to silhouette cut around the image, and makes for a good sized bookmark.

Glue the cutout onto cardstock (for durability) – and then cut around that as well. You can then have the child personalize the back of the bookmark by writing their name or message on the cardstock. Next, laminate the cutout using a laminator, laminating sheets or clear contact paper.

Cut around the laminated image one last time and then use a hole punch to cut out a hole. Make tassels out of yarn (see link for instructions) – you can have young children help you by cutting pieces of yarn and can personalize by stringing some beads tying these to the end of the bookmark where the hole is.

The Blog Hop

Now don’t go away because there are even more Father’s Day books along with great ideas being shared by these bloggers today! Stop by and bookmark, or even go ahead and pin them all!

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