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Father’s Day gifts preschoolers can make

footbookmark_1It’s not too late to come up with a Father’s Day gift that your child can make (and the special man in their life will love!) Here are some great ideas that we have made at preschool, and some that we have found around the web (click on the links to see photos and detailed description of each idea).

1. BBQ sauce – If it’s grilling season where you live, then this BBQ sauce will make a tasty gift. If your child likes to cook, he/she can help you measure, mix and pour the ingredients. The child can make their own BBQ sauce label – or you can print some labels here.

2. Footprint Bookmark – Use paint and brush it onto the bottom of the child’s foot. Press their foot onto cardstock. When dry, use scissors to siloutte around the foot. Laminate the foot (or use clear contact paper on both sides). Punch a hole at the bottom of the foot and thread some yarn through. Adorable!!

3. Father’s Day Cookie Gift (from Pre-K Pages) – Decorate a Pringles can and fill it with homemade cookies!

4. BBQ Apron (from education.com) – This would go very well with the BBQ sauce!!

5. Father’s Day Wordle Gift (from Pre-K Pages) – Quick and easy to make online using a free “Wordle” website.

6. Keychains (from Brick by Brick) – Keychains made by stringing wooden beads is a useful gift, and great for young children to practice their fine motor skills.

What kinds of gifts are you/have you helped children make for Father’s Day?


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