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Financial expert just for preK teachers

SteveDaarProfileThis month, we are sharing a new feature on our blog, especially for prekindergarten teachers. With income tax season coming up, we have a unique opportunity to share some expert advice on the subject – geared towards early childhood teachers. Sharing his expertise with us this month is Steven Daar from Teachers Retirement Help.

Steven Daar is a graduate from the University of Illinois in Urbana – Champaign’s Business School with a degree in Finance. While taking a personal finance class his Junior year, he knew he wanted to spend his working life improving people’s finances and retirements.

Steve noticed many teachers were either receiving poor advice or no advice on their finances. Because of this (and because all of the many amazing teachers he had throughout his school years), he decided to learn everything he could about personal finance as it relates to teachers and help as many as he possibly could.

He has spent the past year and a half studying personal finance specifically for teachers. This includes many exciting hours studying the tax codes & the laws that govern teacher retirement plans and their potential tax deductions. He has also met or spoken with the top teacher-specific financial advisors across the country. These financial advisors were incredibly generous with their time, knowledge, & expertise. In addition to learning from these authorities face-to-face, Steven has read over 10,000 pages worth of books, studies, & articles by some of the world’s leading finance and investing experts.

Through these many hours of learning, Steve has put together many articles for teachers at his website teachersretirementhelp.com – in addition to the guest posts that we will be featuring on our blog this month. Check out Steve’s series of posts on tax tips for pre-kindergarten teachers!


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