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Greetings on the first day of school

first day of schoolFirst day of school can invoke tears and shouts of joy (from both children and parents alike)! I always loved it as a kid … the new pencils and notebooks and seeing friends. Now I enjoy it for my own children (because, the really NEEDED to go back to school). And I also enjoy it as a preschool teacher (getting organized, new lesson plans, planning new projects and activities).

At our school, the after-school staff put together a cute snack to greet the kids as they got off the bus – check out their Welcome back ROBOTS!

These can be assembled pretty easily using glue dots (I LOVE glue dots)! Viewing the picture as a guide, use glue dots to stick:

— the juice box on top of two small raisin boxes
— an upsidedown applesauce cup on top of juice box
— the pretzel rod arms (wrapped in plastic wrap) onto sides of juice box (may need to break rod in half first)
— the plastic spoon on back of juice box
— the googly eyes onto applesauce cup

Used as a back to school welcome … they printed out and glued this message to the front of the robot: “Greetings Friends! Welcome to school!”

This makes for a terrific grab and go snack for a large group – as it gives them everything they need for their snack in one package! This can be used as a snack idea for any time of the year or at a child’s party (they may not even miss the birthday cake!). 😉


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