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Learning about apples and pumpkins in preschool

apples and pumpkinsFall in New England is a wonderful time to teach preschoolers many things about the season. The change in the weather (and the leaves), along with the harvest of apples and pumpkins are fun to learn about.

If you are fortunate enough to have local farms in your area, a field trip is a great way for young children to experience some of the agriculture of your area first-hand.

By taking preschoolers to visit a local farm, they can learn so much. It is a great opportunity to teach them about living things (animals), life cycles (egg to chick / seed to fruit), where food comes from and local geography.

You can also extend preschoolers learning of farms, apples and pumpkins with some of these activities!


DSC03405.JPG.thMake your own apple cider – Bring in a juicer and take some fresh apples from your field trip and turn them into cider.  Children can observe and experiment with how things turn from one form to another (ie. solid to a liquid).

Seasonal sink or float – Experimenting with Fall objects (such as leaves, acorns,  pumpkins and apples) to see which will sink and which will float.

Apple science– Observe changes to apples when they are cut and exposed to the air.


Open it up! – The best hands-on fun and learning happens when you dig in and open it up!  Cut into an apple, dig into a pumpkin and let children touch, see and smell.


And you can even use the parts of apples or pumpkins in children’s art … adding another sensory experience to the process of their art!

Apple stamping art – Slice apples in half and place them into paint.  Then stamp it onto the paper.

Paper Plate Pumpkins – Using paper plates, orange paint mixed with some white glue and dried pumpkin seeds children can make their own pumpkin.  Really fun after you have opened up a real pumpkin and explored the inside!


What is your favorite apple or pumpkin activity?  Please share with us in the  comments!



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