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Mad DOT challenge!

Mad DOT challengeThis challenge just seemed “irresistible” to me!! My friends Donna and Sherry over at Irresistible Ideas For Play Based Learning posted about the MAD DOT CHALLENGE they were doing along with their friend, Marc Armitage.

The challenge … to take something that is completely white, give young children a bunch of DOT stickers … and let them stick to their hearts content! They loved the opportunity to just stick the stickers anywhere they wanted. The creative activity was also great for fine motor development … and a wonderful group project the whole class can feel proud of!

The challenge for me … what could I find that was ALL white – and that was ok for the children to decorate with stickers? Luckily, we were finishing up our “exploring countries” theme and I thought about the columns one of our teachers created for our Italy classroom. PERFECT!

When I told them what we were going to do with the columns, the reaction was … “ooooohh!”

Many children tried to put their dots up as high as they could reach. Others worked to make patterns or grouped them by color.

This activity is also fun paired with the book “Press Here” (see a review of this book with another DOT activity over at Teach Preschool).

Mad DOT challenge2


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