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Making the first day count

Making the first day countI have to admit, I love the first day of school! I can remember as a young child not being able to sleep the night before the first day of school due to the excitement and anticipation I felt. And now, as a Director of an early childhood center, I still become excited about the first day of school.

This week my staff has been busy, busy, busy getting their classrooms ready. They have been painting walls and shelves, setting up classroom centers, creating bulletin boards, setting up cubbies, and laminating endless pictures and labels. The classrooms are looking crisp, fresh and ready for new students to visit on Friday morning to meet their teachers and then start on Monday.

As a Director, I take the start of a new school year very seriously because I know how important it is for students to have a positive experience their very first day of school in their life. For many early childhood programs, your school door is first of many more classroom doors that will open for the rest of their life. Their first school experience will set the stage for years to come, so make it a positive one.

First impressions matter…so be sure to welcome your students and parents in a way that is warm and caring.

Prepare your classroom in the same way, taking time to ensure the students recognize their name and maybe even their photo somewhere in the room.

Try to take a few moments to chat with each child and their parents in order to begin building positive rapport.

And last, keep in mind the important role you play an educator; the influence you will have on your students this year will change each one of their lives forever, so get excited and make your first day count!


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