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Most viewed posts of 2014

Pete the Cat

Just like we have done the past couple of years, we enjoy seeing what our top posts were from 2014! We look back and evaluate what has been the most viewed on Google Analytics — and our resolution is to post more of what you are looking for!   So here we go, our TOP 5 posts, starting with #1 ….

#1: Counting and literacy with PETE THE CAT

GOODNESS!!  This same post ranked at the top of our list in 2013 as well!  There is no denying … our kids LOVE Pete the Cat (and so do we)!  We have personally used this story, activity and Book & Boogie MANY times throughout 2014 at conferences, schools, and professional development events.  Can’t get enough of Pete … check out our post that has an activity to go with the story “Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons”!!

#2: Celebrating Martin Luther King Day in preschool

Martin Luther King Day

Our post from January 2012 ranked high again in 2014, featuring ways to talk to our youngest students about fairness, equality, friendship and peace. We shared some age appropriate art and learning activities from some of our favorite bloggers!

#3: Supporting preschoolers with transitions

This post followed right behind #2, providing tips and techniques for helping young children adjust to transitions more smoothly.  This post features information sent to us by Mary Tabb, formerly of the Early Childhood Consultation Partnership, which is a resource in CT  to support the social and emotional development of children.

#4: Celebrating Dr. Seuss in preschool

ice cube painting

Posted in March before NEA’S Read Across America Day, we featured Dr. Seuss books and activities to go along with them. We shared some of our favorites, like “My Many Colored Days” .. and a listing of some from others around the web!

#5: Planning Field Day in preschool

And for #5, we were excited to see that teachers liked reading our post for a planning Field Day event at their schools and child care centers!  Our version of Field Day has the children rotating through a variety of gross motor activities — and spending most of the morning outside playing and working together.


This post helps with tips on planning to ensure your Field Day goes smoothly!

Thanks for following and inspiring us each day!  We wish you, your students and families a wonderful and prosperous 2015! — Laura & Tressa


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