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Mouse-shaped (paper bag) treat bags

Mouse-shapedI was playing with paper bags today. I was looking at some paper bags I had at home, thinking about Rachelle’s Creativity Challenge over at Tinkerlab … coming up with a child-directed project using paper bags. I love using paper bags to make BOOKS, and so the idea I submitted to the challenge was one that we did in preschool around Thanksgiving … making our Thankful Thanksgiving Books.

But while I was playing with the bags today … I thought I would share what I came up with for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. She is having a Disney-themed party … so I kept thinking “mouse” … what can I make that looks like a mouse? I had these very cute small paper bags (3 1/2″ x 6 3/4″) and as I played around with it, I wound up making a small treat bag that looks like a mouse. Now, maybe it doesn’t look exactly like Mickey .. but put a bow on the top, and we definitely have the resemblance of Minnie!

To make the bags, I first cut about 2 1/2″ off the top of the bag to shorten it a bit. Then I had circle-oval shaped black foam pieces and used those for the ears. I glued those into the fold of the paper bag.

I cut oval shapes out of white cardstock, and then smaller black ovals for the eyes and nose. I used small piece of pink foam for the mouth, and finished off with a black marker for the whiskers. I found a Minnie bow clipart online, printed and cut out for Minnie’s bow.Mouse-shaped

You can fill the bag with small treats, and seal it up with glue.

Now, the question is … should I pre-make and fill these for my daughter’s party – or have the materials out for the children to make their own bags and then fill seal them before they leave? I’m a preschool teacher … so I’m thinking the latter!



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