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P is for Penguin in preschool

penguinDuring the colder winter months, a popular topic in preschool is winter weather … featuring snow and ice! And how about those animals that live in icy climates? Arctic animals can be fun to learn about, and who doesn’t love a cute penguin? We had a teacher make an adorable penguin door display at our school …. so I searched around for some fun penguin activities to go along with it! P is for Penguin in preschool

Penguin Door Display

Use the shape of a door frame as the canvas to make a LARGE penguin!

Toilet Paper Tube Penguins

Show children pictures of penguins, talk about the environment where they live, the penguin life cycle, etc. Then you can have children cut out shapes, glue and assemble a penguin out of a toilet paper tube.

Shape Penguins

Have children explore various shapes that can be used to make a penguin (ovals, circles, triangles). Older preschoolers can practice cutting these shapes themselves (teacher/parent can pre-trace the shapes for children to cut out, if needed). Then they can assemble shapes onto a black penguin body.

shape penguin

More Penguins on Pinterest

There are so many other great ideas from bloggers that we found and pinned on Pinterest related to penguins and other arctic animals. Check it out to see penguins made out of footprints and waterbottles .. and polar bears made from cotton balls and styrofoam cups!



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