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Relaxation jars for children and teachers, too!


Ever see a child shake a snow globe … and notice the soothing affect it has?  There’s something about watching all the white flakes settle to the bottom that can be so relaxing.

The same idea can be accomplished by making your own relaxation jar, with supplies readily available in almost any preschool … water, glue, food coloring and glitter!  Oh yea .. and you will need a jar!

Tubes of glitter glue, box of food coloring and mason jars as part of a teacher presentation

Since this requires using hot water, teacher involvement is necessary.  Take 1 cup of hot water and mix in 1 tube of glitter glue and food coloring of your choice.  Stir until the glue dissolves and blends with the water.  Add more sparkle by adding a few teaspoons of additional glitter.  Then screw on the lid of the mason jar very tightly.

The glue makes the water thick so that the glitter settles slowly.  Depending on the concentration of glue mixed in, will determine how long it takes for the glitter to settle after the jar is shaken.  I’ve also seen this activity done on a smaller scale, using baby food jars.

The jars can be used to help a child to relax if they are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or upset.  As they shake the jar and watch the glitter slowly settle, it can help them to calm down.

But notice … it’s not just children who enjoy the relaxation jars!!  We presented this activity during a team-building and stress relief presentation at a Family Resource Center Coordinator retreat.  Parents and teachers can benefit from the jars as well – similar to the “taking a deep breath and count to ten” strategy if you feel your frustration level rising – give your jar a shake … and watch the glitter fall!

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