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Sailing the seas at summer camp

jackWe have some awesome college students who are lead the planning of our summer camp one year! Their enthusiasm and creativity are evident in all they do … and we just had to share it here! These are ideas from our “Sailing the seas” theme, which lent itself to great projects and experiences like building tin foil boats, making sandcastles and seashell picture frames. The week ended on a truly high note when we had none other than Captain Jack Sparrow (aka Miss Martina) visit our school for Pirate day! (Isn’t that the BEST costume ever?!) Below are some decorating and activity ideas our camp leaders came up with this week!


Hanging blue/green streamers on ceiling to look like waves and seaweed.  Include some paper fish and jelly fish. Use some blue/green window paint and have kids paint an ocean scene, using someHomemade Window Paint. Use large blue bulletin board paper and tack it up on a large wall in the hallway or classroom. Make a brown paper cruise ship and put it on top – making it look like it’s sailing on the water. All through the week, the camp staff added children’s “under the sea” artwork to the display! Make a ship out of large pieces of cardboard!


Building sandcastles in the sandbox Making a Coral garden (out of painted cheerios) At the Beach play dough At the Beach snack  OR cupcake


Beach Towel Boogie

Sand Dough

Ocean in a bag

Seashell painting

I hope their creativity inspires you!



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