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Summer Olympics at summer camp

Olympics at summerWith the 2012 Summer Olympics starting this weekend, our Summer Camp is planning an Olympic themed week next week! They are super excited and have a lot of fun activities planned. The different classes will create their own team flags, make their own medals and have an Opening Ceremony celebration. They have planned a really great mix of activities – some inspired by actual Olympic events and others that are focused more on team and cooperation. If you are looking for some activity ideas for your own Olympic fun, take a peek at some of the ideas we have planned!


Highest card tower: Using a deck of cards or index cards, break out children into groups of 3-4 and have them work together to build a card tower. Have a time limit set and see which group can build the tallest tower.

Cup stacking: Solo-type cups work best for this, but can be done with other types of plastic or paper cups. Game works similiar to card tower above.

Balloon between the knees relay race : Break children out into two teams and have them do a relay race where they have to “run” with a balloon between their knees.

Bear races: Can do a relay race where children pretend to bears and run on all fours.

Flyswatter tennis: Using balloons and flyswatters, have children see if they can work together to keep a balloon in the air.


Soccer: For young children, get a few soccer balls so that each child has their own, or one ball for every two children. Have them see if they can kick their ball to a certain target (a hula hoop, to the fence, or into a goal). They can even just try kicking the ball back and forth to a partner. It’s really about gross motor control and learning how to kick.

Gymnastics: Place a mat or large sheet on the floor. Have children take turns, with each child making movements, such as rolls, balancing on one foot, etc.

Basketball toss: Children can toss a small plastic basketball or yarn ball into a small trash can or basket.

Javelin throw: Children can throw straws and see who can throw them the farthest.

Hammer throw: Take a tube sock and put a tennis ball inside and put a knot in the sock. Children can take turns raising it over their head and letting it go. They can try to hit a target (like a hula hoop) or just see who can make it go the farthest.

Frog jump (“Long jump”): Children can pretend to be frogs and take turns jumping with both feet together at the same time. You can measure their jumps with masking tape.

Obstacle Course: Setup an obstacle course with things that children can crawl under, through and climb over.


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