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Team Building for Preschool Teachers

teambuildingToday I’m going to give you some ideas for team building with your teachers and staff at your school or early childhood program. These fun activities provide a way for your staff to feel more together as a team, and feel a sense of group morale.

In this video clip (filmed for ehow.com), I will share 3 team building activities that you can do at your next staff meeting or professional development session.


Song Battle

For this activity, all you have to do is get your groups together and in ten minutes, see how many songs each group can come up with that have the word “RAIN” in it. If you have some real music lovers, this might come easy, but it’s just a fun activity, and a little competitiveness between groups is always fun.

All About Me Poster

A second activity that we like to do at the beginning of the school year is have each teacher fill out an “All About Me” poster (see example in the video). You may already use these posters with the children in your program … but how about your staff! We include things like their education, three fun facts about themselves, their favorite color, their favorite book, their favorite holiday, their favorite food, and of course some tidbits about their family. It’s a really great way to share information about yourself to your colleagues and families within your school.

You can make up your own “All About Me” poster or purchase some online:

All About Me Posters (Discount School Supply)

The Human Taco

The third activity that I have, which is really fun to do at a staff meeting is called the human taco. You’re going to want to do a little preparation before your meeting – by printing pictures of taco shells, salsa, lettuce, cheese, taco meat. Then what you do is you have all of these pictures copied numerous times for the amount of people that you have within your group. Then each person will choose one of these and tape it to their back. Now you want to do this in a way that they don’t know what picture is on their back.

Then what you’re going to do is tell your group in two minutes you want them to build a human taco by lining up without talking. So what they need to do as a group is to line up with no words, in this pattern … taco shell, taco meat, cheese, lettuce, salsa and then end with a taco shell. It’s really fun to watch your group run around the classroom without talking, and seeing which group can become the first taco!



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