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Technology as another tool in the teacher’s toolbox!


TechnologyTo incorporate the many ways children learn, teachers have a “toolbox” … materials, strategies and knowledge that they rely on to instruct and care for young children. No ONE method, manipulative, experience or strategy will work for every child or situation. Those of us in early childhood need to be FLEXIBLE (you never know which way the day will go!) … and we should always be seeking ways to add more tools to our vibrant and colorful toolbox!

The use of technology is a single experience among many ways to contribute to the understanding of a particular concept.” — Brian Puerling, 

Technology is just another tool in a teacher’s toolbox …

In preschool, how can we use technology as another tool or resource to use in our teaching? Here are some thoughts!

Another tool to learn about Science:

  • Watch a video of something like apple cider being made before actually making it.

Another tool to learn about Language and Literacy:

  • Use videos to learn/hear other languages.
  • Video conference with family members of children in class who speak other languages.
  • Use digital cameras to photograph field trips or special events – use photos to create a class book or PowerPoint slide with captions to extend learning about the trip or topic.
  • Take pictures of children reading books, holding books properly, turning pages by the corners, etc and display in reading area.
  • View other ideas of using digital cameras for literacy on Pre-K Pages blog

Another tool to learn about Music and Dance:

  • Using CD players or iPods to listen songs, dance, learn multicultural music.
  • Download songs from iTunes that go with a story or topic you are learning about. (Learn more about how we do that with our “Book & Boogie” program!)
  • Record a class song and make it available in the listening center for children to hear. Share it with families by burning a CD or emailing it.

Another tool to learn to Write / Draw:

  • Use SMART board pens to practice writing and drawing on a large scale before practicing on paper.
  • Share children’s writing/drawing using document camera or make a Powerpoint and display using a laptop and projector.

You also can see some suggestions for LOW COST ways to add technology into children’s play.

What are some other technological TOOLS in your teaching toolbox?


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